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Urban Green Build Update April 2022

By Maxine Mitchell

  April has been a great month at Urban Green with significant strides being made in upper and lower carpark areas, stair core, steel works and concreting. Upper level carpark complete The lower...

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Bishopgate Gardens Build Update April 2022

  Over the past month, we have made some exciting progress at Bishopgate Gardens. We’ve welcomed our first residents to their new homes and held the first open day for potential tenants. Our on-site...

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Bishopgate Gardens Build Update March 2022

  As the team progresses at Bishopgate Gardens, we are thrilled to announce that we have received Building control sign off for both apartment blocks. Completion notices have been sent to all buyers...

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Urban Green Build Update March 2022

  As works continue on site, the team at Urban Green have made great progress over the past month.  The first floor level slab has been completed and 50% of the columns between First and Second Floor...

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The Exchange Build Update March 2022

Over the past month, the team at The Exchange  have made good progress on the concrete frame, with the level 7 floor slab poured and temporary works tables being installed to level 8. The double...

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Are HMOs a Viable Investment Option for 2022 and Beyond?

For many years "HMO" has been a buzz term for property investors, with the expectation of high rental yields for minimal outlay. However, with increasing reports of HMO council tax 'disaggregation'...

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Urban Green Build Update February 2022

  As we progress through February, the team at Urban Green have continued their rapid advancement. The slip form lift core is now complete and is standing proud and we the final concrete pour of the...

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Top 10 Places to Eat & Drink in Preston, 2022

It's no accident that Preston is becoming one of the North West's most popular locations for young professionals. With comparatively low rents in comparison to neighbouring Manchester and Liverpool,...

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