Bishopgate Gardens Build Update August 2021

By Maxine Mitchell

Bishopgate Gardens is fast approaching completion, here we look at the progress made on site since our update last month.

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The Exchange Build Update August 2021

This month has been very busy on site at The Exchange. We have now started to use the tower crane to support the team installing the steel cages and pouring of the concrete to the foundations and...

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The Exchange Build Update July 2021

July marks our fourth month on site at The Exchange. A visit to the site this week has been really exciting as we are able to see the progress that has been made.

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Bishopgate Gardens Build Update July 2021

As part of our regular updates to our investors, I am pleased to provide some insight into the progress of our flagship development Bishopgate Gardens.

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Property Investment Hotspot 2021 – Stockport

Stockport Town Centre There is no doubt that the UK residential property market is booming. House sales in the UK reached an all-time high in March of this year, with HMRC figures revealing some...

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Preston Masterplan Update

It’s been some time since the Preston masterplan commenced – a 4 year plan to transform Preston into a modern, attractive space for those to live, work and study. As part of the £400 million...

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Investors looking to UK Property Market

UK Property has always been a resilient market. There have been world events lately that have called into question how people would be best to invest, with stock markets taking a hit worldwide....

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Will the Covid Property Boom Last?

It’s been apparent for some time now that the property market is recovering, not only that but it is really booming in some areas such as the North West. Property has always been a great market...

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Property Market Update - September 2020

At the Heaton Group we’re committed to bringing you the latest updates and information around the property market, especially now in the pandemic where there’s a level of uncertainty. There’s good...

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Rent, buy and invest - Bolton

The eagle-eyed among you would have known that the next area we’d cover would be Bolton. It’s been a while since we covered Bolton related information, so this should refresh your memories…

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Rent, buy and invest - Preston

For the second release in our series, we’re covering Preston. This is an area we’ve recently put considerable investment into and enjoyed some fantastic success with the properties we’ve...

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Rent, buy and invest - Manchester

Welcome to the first in a series of topics we’ll be covering over the next few days, including the current situation of renting, buying and investing in the North West. The first location we’ll...

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