Bishopgate Gardens Build Update August 2021

By Maxine Mitchell

Bishopgate Gardens is fast approaching completion, here we look at the progress made on site since our update last month.

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Top 5 Places to Eat and Drink in Stretford

Ask any local what they love most about Stretford and chances are they will say it is the sense of community. Local and independently run shops, cafes and bars help give the Stretford the real...

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Investing in Manchester

Manchester is an exciting place – especially given the increased interest from investors and renters, if you’re here after the Manctopia Documentary that’s currently airing on BBC2 at 9pm on...

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Buy To Let Checklist

Investors are faced with several challenges during the process of deciding to buy a property. We’ve put together a short list of considerations for investors both new and old to think about when...

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Investing in UK Property from Overseas

Overseas investment in the UK residential property market remains strong as foreign investors continue to see the UK as a safe haven despite the coronavirus pandemic. The UK property market has...

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Tenanted Apartments vs Off-plan Investments

New investments bring with them the dilemma of what to go for in the property market. The main choices are to choose between an already tenanted, completed apartment or speculate slightly with an...

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Factors That Influence Property prices

As the property market returns to the previous levels seen before the global pandemic, we review some of the factors that have a significant bearing on what influences property prices.

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Stamp Duty Holiday - What does it mean for Investors?

Last week we reported the Stamp Duty Holiday announcement from Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Now that the dust has settled on this, what does it mean for UK investors?

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Stamp Duty Holiday for UK Properties - July 2020

Rumoured this morning (6th June) is the possibility that Rishi Sunak could be set to announce a stamp duty holiday for the UK property market to increase demand after COVID-19.  So what does this...

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Rent, buy and invest - Bolton

The eagle-eyed among you would have known that the next area we’d cover would be Bolton. It’s been a while since we covered Bolton related information, so this should refresh your memories…

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Rent, buy and invest - Preston

For the second release in our series, we’re covering Preston. This is an area we’ve recently put considerable investment into and enjoyed some fantastic success with the properties we’ve...

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Rent, buy and invest - Manchester

Welcome to the first in a series of topics we’ll be covering over the next few days, including the current situation of renting, buying and investing in the North West. The first location we’ll...

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