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Urban Green Build Update April 2022

By Maxine Mitchell

  April has been a great month at Urban Green with significant strides being made in upper and lower carpark areas, stair core, steel works and concreting. Upper level carpark complete The lower...

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The Exchange Build Update February 2022

  As we continue through the new year, our team have encountered some inclement weather and high winds which has unfortunately caused delays in progressing with the concrete frame. However,  we have...

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How to Start Investing in Property in 2022

Property is considered one of the safest investments you can make, but no investment comes without a degree of risk and it’s important to fully understand the risks and rewards. I have summarised...

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Top 10 Places to Invest in Property in the North West in 2022

The North West is the fastest growing region in the UK with property prices forecast to increase more in the North West than any other region in the UK over the next five years. Here we have a look...

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Property Forecast 2022

As January draws to a close, we now look to the year ahead and the one question on everyone’s mind is ‘what will happen to property prices in 2022?’

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Bishopgate Gardens Build Update January 2022

As we start the new year, our team at Bishopgate Gardens have continued to progress with works on the concierge area. The steel frame has arrived and is being erected  on the ready laid concrete...

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Urban Green Build Update January 2022

As we return from the Christmas break and progress into the new year, the team at Urban Green have made great progress with works on site. 75% of the lower car park ground slab is now complete as...

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The Exchange Build Update January 2022

  Since returning from the Christmas break, our team at The Exchange have shown good progress on level 4 with 50% of the concrete floor slab poured. During the next period we will be progressing...

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To Furnish? Or Not To Furnish? Your Buy To Let

One of the biggest questions we always get asked is should we furnish the apartment, or should we leave it for the tenant to do? This is such a key question for both landlords and tenant. There are...

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UK Property Prices Hit 6 Year High According To Rightmove

According to Rightmove the average property price in the UK has increased £852 or 0.3% month on month in January.

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