The Advantages of an Off-plan Development

As a property developer, we naturally have many projects ongoing at any one time. For over ten years now we’ve been inviting investment “off-plan” which means people can invest as it’s being built. There are many advantages to working this way.

A good deal is an early deal

As we’ve seen across all our developments – the value of the properties we are constructing skyrockets when they’re completed. We choose areas that we know are undergoing significant investment from both the public and private sectors. When we redeveloped the Sorting Office in Preston, that was a previously run-down property in a location that was receiving significant investment. When we completed the development, the investors that had got involved early saw their property prices rise almost immediately by almost 10%. The work we put into the development also pushed local building owners to bring their properties up to the new standard we’d set for the area and as such the whole row is unrecognisable against what it once was. We’re going to start calling this “The Heaton Group effect”!

The Sorting Office

Investors want a significant yield

Generally, property developers will redevelop property that already has a historic rental economy and can often struggle to set rents their tenants see as a fair rate for the area. At the Heaton Group, we virtually transform this economy and allow our investors to charge a reasonable rent for their property, usually above the historical rates for the area. The reason for this is that The Heaton Group builds to a premium specification, using fixtures and fittings that look incredible and stand the test of time in properties that tenants are proud to live in. Tenants in our properties are typically young professionals and as such changes to their rent are more acceptable and affordable. All these reasons allow for significant yields for investors (over 5%) which over a long period results in financial gains made from a savvy investment.

HG Rental Prices (4)

You get to see it take shape

There’s nothing quite as exciting as making an investment and seeing it come to fruition through updates from your developer’s updates (The Heaton Group do this on the website and through emails and newsletters). This means that although you start with the plan – you can see how this progresses over time into the eventual property. Our investors say this is incredibly exciting and something they’re proud to be a part of. Sometimes with existing properties, you already know how it looks and will look after refurbishment, but when you do almost a complete redevelopment, seeing the caterpillar bloom into a butterfly is something amazing.


Currently, the Heaton Group have 14 developments in progress across the North West. To get involved with one of our off-plan developments email us on or call us on 01942 251945


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