Investing in UK Property from Abroad

The Heaton Group works with a network of agents and investors across the globe. Investing with the Heaton Group from outside the UK is easy, but what does it entail?

Select the right area

Those not native to the UK will often look at London as a property investment area, however as of late the market there has become saturated, and demand has lessened due to the rise in property prices. The Heaton Group have identified the North West as an area with the most significant potential in the UK for investors to see growth in property values. The North West has grown by 25% in the last ten years with a further 25% growth predicted by 2025. This means that purchasing a property with a value of £150,000 now is likely to be worth more than £185,000 in five years.

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Identifying areas of opportunity has long been a difficult task for those not native to the country, with media outlets often pushing the narrative that London is the best place. However, a little research into how the UK has changed over the last 20 years shows that the Northern areas of the UK have undergone significant investment and regeneration becoming the “Northern Powerhouse” and as such demand for property is at an all-time high, with plenty of space for development.

Work with the right people

The Heaton Group have a team of specialists on hand to speak to any interested investor, as well as working with internationally recognized Sales Agents. Over the course of five generations, we have built up a network of contractors to work on our developments and ensuring that our projects are fully funded. Some “rogue” property developers promise the world and their developments are based on the sales they get; however, this isn’t the case with The Heaton Group, all our developments are fully funded. As such, there is no risk for our investors, as everything we start is finished.


Ensuring you work with the right people is vital, knowing that your investment is secure and that you’ve got no risk is essential for ongoing confidence as investors are often kept in the dark for considerable periods when working with less reputable developers. The Heaton Group post continuous updates on our website, social media channels and via email. This means that at any time, investors can see the current progress of their investment where necessary.

Manage Expectations

Naturally, property investment is a long term project. Short term gains are rare in property investment, and as such, investors typically understand that projects often take time when they’re off-plan. The Heaton Group have continued to restore a previous property to former glory, together with creating brand new developments from existing structures. Some developments take up to 18 months to complete, where others can be done in a matter of months.

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Securing finance is also essential. Less so for cash buyers, but if investors are considering mortgages, then obtaining this is vital before going through the initial sales process due to the nature of investing off-plan. Property developers require a reservation fee to ensure that the property is secured and in most cases this is non-refundable.

Contact Us

As mentioned, we work with investors across the globe. If you’ve been considering a property investment, the North West has considerable opportunity, and The Heaton Group will have a wide array of developments to suit all requirements.

To speak to us regarding your next investment, please email us on or call 01942 251945

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