The Top 4 Apps for any Property Investor

The Top 4 Apps for any Property Investor

As a modern investor, you should take advantage of the many apps available, which can help you on your property investment journey. With over 200,000 apps now available to download, finding useful and valuable apps can be time consuming, so we have taken the time to find the most interesting apps available, to help give you a overview of the stock market, manage your own property portfolio and be updated on-the-go to anything which could affect your investments.

Here is an overview of the four pieces of software which serious investors should download to give them an edge over your competitors:

1) Property Log Book: Manage your property portfolio   

                                      Cost: £2.29

property log book icon property apps usefulAt a cost of only £2.29 this time saving app is one to download. Downloaded in 78 countries this app is available on iOS 7 and up. Features including a dashboard summary of income and expenses, the ability to add reminders for payments and handy calculators for calculating those confusing figures. The app also has the ability to export a detailed transaction report in PDF or Excel. Definitely worth a download for any serious investor with a portfolio of properties looking to avoid those piles of paper work and excel log book app store useful app

2)  Bloomberg Business          

bloomberg business helpful useful property appsCost: FREE

Free but full of up to date market and financial information, the Bloomberg app is essential for investors. Keeping up to date with the latest economic changes is important as an investor. This informative app will keep even the busiest person up to date.

bloomberg business mobile app property apple watch ipad android smart watch3) Stock Market Eye

Cost: £44.99

stock market viewing software mac app property propertiesThis clever all in one tool will allow you to keep track of your investments simply and easily. While it is one of the pricer apps, it is worth the investment as you will be able to efficiently track 100s of securities, stocks, ETFs, funds and currencies from around the world. The app is also updated with real-time data to give you the best overview of the investment scene.

stock market viewing software mac app property properties

4) Scutify

scrutify app property stock market tracking money investmentsCost: FREE

The # 1 finance social network for any investor. Scutify gathers all information on financial markets, your favourite stock markets, indexes and commodities, giving you the change to learn and connect with likeminded individuals. Build a reputation as a knowledgable investor or if you are a newbie find out more about the market.

PHONE app to track property stock investments mac windows apk

Please note that all of the above technologies should not be solely relied upon to ensure your investments are successful. These technologies have been researched and highlighted to give serious investors an opportunity to assess whether they feel their processes could benefit from utilisation.

If you have found any other interesting apps or software that you have found useful for investment please tweet us @theheatongroup, we would love to hear from you!

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