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Urban Green Build Update July 2022

By Dean Leggett

Massive changes have been made since last month, the building is looking like a different place every day! We have now cast the Level 8 slab and preparing to build the Level 9 slab with the internal...

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Should we Start Being Less Negative about Renting?

In the UK, buying a house has long been seen as a mark of economic progress, a proud milestone to celebrate with friends and family. But with house prices rising rapidly, it is becoming more and more...

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Northern Investment of £208 Billion Triggers Property Boom

A new promotional video has been revealed showcasing the investment potential the Northern Powerhouse has to offer not only UK investors but also International businesses. The video is part of the...

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UK Homeowners Getting Older

Property in the UK is becoming even more difficult to afford, especially for those under the age of 30. With the average house in the UK now costing around £200,000, it is not surprising that a...

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