Our Property Developments (Before & After)

Redeveloping properties is our bread and butter, while we’ll happily be involved in new builds - we’ve become well known for redeveloping existing properties across the North West. Ensuring that we’re consistent with the original build where we can be – we’ve been able to restore former glory to many properties around the North West.

Keeping with the area

There is an art-form to ensuring that properties are kept true to the area, the original build and to make beautiful homes to live in and for our investors to rent out. Modern technology needs to be incorporated into these homes to ensure that they can be managed properly of course, but analysing the area, making sure our properties don’t stick out like a sore thumb is something we’re passionate about.

Chorley b&a

By making these properties look and feel habitable again, it inspires other development in the area. Often, we’ve found developers copying our improvements further down the same road! This is good for the wider community, as there have been rumblings of a lack of housing space. Instead of destroying existing Greenland or lengthy new build processes – we’ve become experts at changing the fortunes of existing buildings.

Some of our before & afters

Below are some of the transformations we’ve completed to restore buildings back to how they were intended to look:

Preston - The Sorting Office

TSO b&a1

TSO b&a2

Chorley - Park House

Park House b&a1

Park House b&a2

Wigan - Bridgeman House

Bridgeman b&a1

Bridgeman b&a2

Manchester - The Victoria

The Victoria b&a

Our Passion

As you can see, we’re passionate about making sure that the buildings we are redeveloping are both stylish and true to the origin. There are difficulties in doing this of course, often you’ll find that original brickwork has been discontinued or some areas of the property are too badly damaged to renovate and require a rebuild – but identifying these early allows for greater restoration in the long run.

Track Record

We’ve a consistent track record when it comes to planning permission, we have a 100% strike rate for ensuring that what we plan on building gets built and that the investors we’re working with get the property they’ve invested in, not something wildly different as a result of failed planning permission.

If you’d like to discuss any of our upcoming developments or potential investments then please do get in touch.

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