Making an Overseas Property Investment

Investing in UK Property has been something overseas investors have done for some time now – but what does that look like? What is the process, and what should you look for in a Property Developer?


It is paramount to your decision to identify a property developer who has a fantastic track record. There are horror stories about unfinished projects, scams, and the like – but a trusted property developer will have a strong track record in the area you’re looking to invest in. The Heaton Group specialise in property in the North West of the UK, and we develop property across Manchester, Preston, Bolton, and Wigan – occasionally other areas such as Warrington.


As a result, we’ve built up a sterling reputation in the North West as a property developer that completes our developments on time and to specification. This is important to consider when looking at property developers as some do not have the background to provide the trust you’ll need as an overseas property investor.



Regular updates are essential as an overseas property investor. Knowing that your investment is in good hands is part of the process – but hearing about it as often as possible is vital to ongoing success. At the very least, a property developer will give you a monthly update with a visual aide to see how your investment is progressing but also with a roadmap. Hence, you are aware of the development milestones. This means that not only will you have confidence your investment is going as you’d expect but also that you’ll see a defined plan of what will be coming next.

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This is vital in these times, while other developers have stopped their projects, by following Government advice the Heaton Group are continuing as usual and meeting our development milestones.



Making the right choice for your property investment is essential. Ensuring that you’re picking the right area with a high yield is usually the top priority for an overseas investor. Not being native to the UK in most cases, there needs to be clear communication, not just about the development, but capital gains expected in the area, rental yield, and property values. There has been a massive surge in investment in the North West, and as such property value is skyrocketing. This has also gone over into rent that landlords can charge.


This is, however, significantly lower than London properties but provides investors with a far higher yield. While there may be a large contingent of property investors looking at London, the astute investors are looking further afield into areas with significant returns on their investment.

To speak to us regarding your overseas property investment, then please email us on or call on 01942 251 945


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