Heaton Group Developments and COVID-19

As you’re no doubt aware, the current global pandemic is causing concerns across the globe with some countries employing a full lockdown, while others seek to introduce those measures imminently.

Our Property Developments and the current guidelines

The Heaton Group have thus far been unaffected by the guidelines rolled out by the Government as our developments in progress allow for our contractors on-site to practice social distancing. This has meant over the last few weeks our developments have continued on schedule with Johnsons Square now completed and ready for tenants to start renting. Completion notices are currently being sent out to solicitors right this moment for this development.

Living Room & Kithcen Johnsons Sq

Stone Cross House

Stone Cross show apartments being completed, with the rest of the building being finished over the next few weeks. We have a completion date of 1st May that is still what we’re aiming towards. We are currently moving floor to floor, completing final checks and going through any outstanding final fix issues with certificates being issued.

Stone Cross House (2)

No cause for concern

As the bank funds these developments, they are not reliant on external factors or sales to complete. They have already been paid for – this means the project is already funded. Investing in these properties is safe as the development won’t get cancelled. Banks are also considered essential in this period. As such, there are no issues dealing with them currently but do check your bank just in case.


Bishopgate Gardens continues to go ahead on schedule too. We have an estimated completion date of September 2021. This date is some way off and although right now we understand there are concerns if the development is paused, there are effectively 18 months yet for The Heaton Group to make up any lost ground if the site is closed for 3 or 4 weeks. As we are approaching a time where there are more daylight hours, we can assure our investors that any time lost as a result of a temporary site closure will easily be made back between then and September 2021.


No issues on-site currently

All our building sites are situated in the North West of England and as such we aren’t in the same situation the sites in London are where commuting requires use of public transport. Also as the development is in the open air in large spaces, protocols can be followed until advised otherwise.

Open as usual

As an office, we are practicing social distancing and have our staff working remotely, so we are still available to contact at any time on usual contact channels. This will continue even if there are more stringent measures enforced by the Government as we are geared up to work through this.

If you have any further concerns or wish to contact us then call on 01942 251 945 or email us at info@heatongroup.co.uk

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