Heaton Group's 2020 Vision

As we’re all back in our normal routines now the festive period is over and we enter into a new year, we thought it would be worthwhile giving you an idea of what we’ve got planned and some of what’s around the corner in the property market.



We know we’re talking about this development a lot – but it’s going to be incredible. It’s our biggest development to date and one of the most exciting. It’s been picked up by several industry media outlets and there’s a bit of a buzz about the development as a whole.


We determined very early that we’d be working closely with the local council on this, being a big part of the redevelopment of the area. To promote our eBook we took a trip to Preston on a surprisingly bright, sunny day for a November and fell in love. We’ve done developments around the surrounding area, but there’s something special about seeing the city centre in its full glory. From the historic architecture of some of the outskirts to the stunning central areas, there’s a lot to love in Preston!

IMG_20191108_113347Indoor Market ParkIMG_20191108_120752

Whether you like city living or a more quiet, reserved lifestyle, Preston has everything. From quirky bars, eateries and coffee shops with fantastic retail options right through to beautiful views and quiet locations – it really is the place to be. The regeneration project for the whole of the city centre is taking shape and we’re very big fans as you can tell.

More Developments

Obviously, we never stop and 2020 is going to be busier than ever. We can’t give too much away at this point but we’ve got a lot in the pipeline. As we’ve grown and progressed, our developments have gotten bigger and more diverse. When we started doing larger properties, we’ve learned along the way but also made some fantastic connections within the industry.

20190308_112805-1B50_A Kitchen View-1victoria-house-wigan-1

This has allowed us to forecast into 2020 and beyond with some very exciting projects. Our reputation within the industry is also growing, so previous blocks the achieving huge goals no longer exist. We’ve built a portfolio of our own trusted contractors; we’ve got a team of exceptional planning staff and architects that are able to draw upon the experience of some huge people within construction and development and our relationships with sales agents has grown too.

Business growth

Our internal team has grown too, with key members of staff joining the team. Stacie Batterham joined as Finance Director to ensure that the Heaton Group projects are well managed and stay within allocated budgets. Dan Akister joined as Digital Marketing Manager to ensure our fantastic work is put out into the right channels and to build the brand with a digital footprint. Stephanie Heley was brought in as Accounts Assistant and our in-house lettings HG Premier Lettings added to its already stellar team by taking on board Paige Jury to give our tenants a fantastic experience.

                  Stacie BatterhamDan AikasterSteph HeleyPaige Jury

We’ve got big plans for 2020, we’re looking to outgrow our current offices and expand out to reflect the number of properties in our portfolio.


Currently, we’ve got a huge range of different properties in several areas in the North West. These range from apartments, houses and HMO’s. We’re always looking for the next big thing so we can diversify our offering. Investors are always looking for the next big thing, and so are we! We can’t say too much but there may be some very exciting news on the horizon for some new projects we’re looking at in 2020, beyond property development so that investors can work with us across a range of interests.

Ready to invest?

If you’re considering investment in property – then speak to us at the Heaton Group. We’ve a wealth of experience helping investors make sound decisions and with some huge projects coming up in 2020, the time has never been better to speak to our team. Please get in touch at: info@heatongroup.co.uk

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