Diversifying your Investment Portfolio

At the Heaton Group, we have many investors who view property as their premium investment strategy, so why is this, and what benefits does it give to those who choose to go forward with it?

Exceptional Resilience

Investors look for safe or secure investments. Often, you will find that investors work together with Wealth Management firms to make decisions for them based on their experience such as DeVere Group which often helps streamline their process. Property has long been a staple of the wealth management and investment portfolio as it is a secure market that does not go away. Demand increases over time, and with increased demand, prices go up. The Heaton Group have invested heavily in the North West, which has seen such growth over time that there is a widely held prediction that the current property prices will rise by almost 25% by 2025.

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HMO’s or Apartments?

Investors like their investments to be fluid, over the last 20 years apartments have become highly sought after due to both rental demand and property price. As urban city living becomes more desirable and businesses take advantage of the increased desire for people to have a city centre lifestyle, young professionals flock to areas with accommodation to suit this lifestyle. Owning a three-bedroom semi-detached property in the city centre isn’t a viable option for most young professionals; as such, they look for a premium apartment in a great location. There is also the option of a HMO for tenants, which means they have (in most cases) a much more desirable property where they rent a room. Investors like HMO’s because they offer high property values; however, there are some cons to this property type too.


Long term gains

There are many short term investment gains to be made on stock markets or with certain business deal types. These are often a high risk with a smaller reward. Property investment is a long term strategy that offers significant eventual gains. It is a more substantial investment type and does come with associated costs over the term of your investment; however, eventually, you are likely to make more out of the property than you will from slight success on the stock market. If you get lucky, of course, then there are considerable gains to be obtained, but they are risky investments. Property is relatively risk-free in comparison.

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Speak to us!

We’re on hand to speak to you regarding your next investment decision. We have a portfolio of properties available such as Stone Cross House or Bishopgate Gardens. We have experience working with both apartments and HMO’s. The best way to find out what we have is to speak to us in info@heatongroup.co.uk or call us on 01942 251 945


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