Bolton's Best Bits

Bolton is one of the most underrated towns in the UK. We love the place; not only are two of our directors huge Bolton Wanderers fans but the area has some fantastic features and locations that may just surprise you. 

Home to Rivington Pike


Popular among hill walkers and mountain bikers, Rivington Pike is immediately viewable from the immediate area due to the tower at the summit. As a Grade II listed building it was built by John Andrews in 1733 as the initial site of a beacon (old English early warning system – imagine Lord of the Rings).




Perhaps the most popular amongst tourists to Rivington Pike is the Great House Barn. I certainly remember getting excited when visiting in Winter to grab a hot chocolate and look out at the winter weather. Also, a grade II listed building, the great oak framed building is a stunning example of 16th-century architecture.

Churchgate - Bolton Town Centre

The site of Bolton’s first market (as a market town that’s a big deal) and you can also spend time in Bolton’s oldest pub nearby (Ye Old Man & Scythe) which was built in 1251, making it also one of the oldest pubs in the UK. Keen historians will be interested to know that the site was where the 7th Earl of Derby, James Stanley was executed for his part in the massacre of some 1,600 innocent victims in 1644 during the civil war.




This is actually across the road from our latest development in Bolton at Stone Cross House (which is next to Ye Olde Pasty Shop – another of Bolton’s gems), so for those who’re looking to be part of one of Bolton’s most historic streets, it’s a fantastic investment!

Bolton Market

A sizeable Victorian iron and glass building in the centre of the town, it has been restored several times throughout Bolton’s history to be the central hub for the town itself. When it was first built, it was one of the largest in the UK. At its highest point, the roof is almost 34 metres tall – that’s cathedral size! There’s also brick arches housing some fantastic well-known brands as part of the shopping experience as you can see below.


Market Place 


With multiple sections of the market, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a lifestyle – coffee roasters, real ale, tropical florist etc. or international dining options in the food court. The food hall takes a cosmopolitan approach covering a wide array of culinary areas but also has locally sourced meat, cheese, fruit and veg.

Parks in Bolton

Moses Gate Country park is a beautiful 700-acre space, people head here for cycling, fishing, walking and horse riding. Formerly mine lands and chemical works it is now a comfortable space for people to enjoy. Home to the Nob End nature reserve, this is a site of Special Scientific Interest due to previous contamination from the chemical works. Due to the alkaline soil, species you won’t find elsewhere in Manchester thrive in Moses Gate Park.


moses gate


Moss Bank Park has been given a green flag (highest reward for any UK park) which caters to children in the summer with a funfair and miniature railway as well as sports facilities and a bowling green.

Smithills Hall


One of Bolton’s oldest landmarks, Smithills Hall is a Grade I listed manor house. It is situated on the slopes of the West Pennine Moors over 500 feet above Bolton. Originating in the 1300s the manor house has seen considerable development over time with restoration projects ongoing and more tourist attractions being added such as the Mary Poppins tearoom.




Steeped in historical significance, it once hosted Nathaniel Hawthorne (Salem Witch Trials judge and fiction writer) and George Marsh (preacher executed for heresy). It has also appeared on Most Haunted and Great British Ghosts (if you believe in that sort of thing!)


This isn’t exhaustive of course, Bolton is undergoing significant change, redevelopment in the area is making people sit up and take notice. We’re currently redeveloping Stone Cross House on Churchgate as previously stated. Still, we’ve got a wealth of other properties across the North West awaiting investment.


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