9 HMO Landlord/Property Pros and Cons You Need to Know About

Written By - Jenny Edmonstone Written By
Jenny Edmonstone

Every investor is looking for a property which is going to deliver a great rental yield for minimal costs. HMOs can fit this bill, but to successfully manage a HMO and ensure you earn maximum...

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Investors looking to UK Property Market

UK Property has always been a resilient market. There have been world events lately that have called into question how people would be best to invest, with stock markets taking a hit worldwide....
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Will the Covid Property Boom Last?

It’s been apparent for some time now that the property market is recovering, not only that but it is really booming in some areas such as the North West. Property has always been a great market...

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Stretford Rental Market in 2020

The historic market town Stretford lies between the River Mersey and Manchester ship canal, just 3.8 miles southwest of Manchester city centre. This up-and-coming market town in Trafford has...

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A Positive Outlook for Property Investment

Amid every crisis lies opportunity, and this rings especially true for the UK property market. Investors have been placed ‘on hold’ as the coronavirus pandemic saw a halt on property markets...

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Rent, buy and invest - Bolton

The eagle-eyed among you would have known that the next area we’d cover would be Bolton. It’s...

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Rent, buy and invest - Preston

For the second release in our series, we’re covering Preston. This is an area we’ve recently put...

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Rent, buy and invest - Manchester

Welcome to the first in a series of topics we’ll be covering over the next few days, including...

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Coming Soon - Bishopgate

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