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Urban Green Build Update July 2022

By Dean Leggett

Massive changes have been made since last month, the building is looking like a different place every day! We have now cast the Level 8 slab and preparing to build the Level 9 slab with the internal...

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Securing an Early Retirement through Property

Preparing for the future is always an important thing to consider, although many neglect to plan ahead. Many young people don’t usually think twice, which isn’t normally a big deal if you plan to...

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Top 5 University Cities to Invest In [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you're looking to invest into student properties, we have created a quick visual guide to help you seek out the right location for your investment.

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Hong Kong a Double Taxation Haven

Double taxation occurs when an overseas investor is required to pay tax once in their home country and again in the country where they have invested.

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Should I Invest in the North or South of England?

The North and South of England, Spilt by More than Property Price

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How Does Stamp Duty Work?

Stamp duty can be a bit of an annoying extra cost to consider when investing in the UK property market, however, there are ways you can avoid it.

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The 5 Fears of Property Investment

Overcome your 5 property investment fears with our experienced team of property experts and in-house lettings agency, Local Lettings. Investors will always have their initial fears, especially if...

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Why Manchester Should Be Your Next Investment

Quality of Life The Global Liveability Survey was conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, to rate cities according to health care, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure....

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The Parent’s Guide to Buy-to-Let

Investing in a buy to let property is one way a parent of a student can help to provide a safe and secure home. With the rise of tuition fees and expensive living costs, being a student can often...

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