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Bishopgate Gardens Build Update June 2022

By Dean Leggett

This last month the landscaping works on the plaza at the front of the building have been completed. The café, shared working space and concierge, are nearing completion with the toilets now being...

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Spotlight on Warrington

When looking to build, or renovate property for the buy to let market, location is everything. Choosing an up and coming location can mean that property can still be snapped up at a reasonable price...

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Spotlight on Preston

Preston is another North-West area that we are soon to develop in. Awarded city status in 2002, it is a great, upcoming area for investors for a number reasons:

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How Strong Is the Northern Housing Market?

Overall, the housing market in the North of the UK is strong, with Manchester particularly feeling the benefit of increased global interest, ever increasing housing demand and substantial development...

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10 Ways to Invest £10,000,000 in the UK from Abroad

In this volatile market, we are always looking for ways to invest our money for the best return. When it comes to investing £10m we have to consider our options very carefully. When you’re investing...

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The Referendum and UK Property

Speculation as to the effects the Referendum may have on the UK property market is rising, as we approach the official vote on June 23rd. With just a few days to go, the British population, like the...

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Northern Investment of £208 Billion Triggers Property Boom

A new promotional video has been revealed showcasing the investment potential the Northern Powerhouse has to offer not only UK investors but also International businesses. The video is part of the...

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The New Stamp Duty Rates and Commercial Property 2016

Chancellor George Osborne has recently announced new stamp duty rates for commercial property in the UK that come into force from the 17th of March 2016. The change is said to help approximately...

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Brexit and the UK Property Market

Property investors are trying to avoid the looming rise in Stamp Duty, that will come into play next month, whilst also fighting the uncertainty surrounding the referendum and the UK property market....

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