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Urban Green Build Update July 2022

By Dean Leggett

Massive changes have been made since last month, the building is looking like a different place every day! We have now cast the Level 8 slab and preparing to build the Level 9 slab with the internal...

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Investors looking to UK Property Market

UK Property has always been a resilient market. There have been world events lately that have called into question how people would be best to invest, with stock markets taking a hit worldwide....

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The Property Investment Process

If you have been considering investing in a property, now is a great time to begin investigating developments and developers that have caught your interest. There are several reasons why people are...

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Just how resilient is the UK Property Market?

Things are going on right now that has created a complex environment for all concerned. Governments around the world intend on “propping up” their economies with financial stimulus packages but is...

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Heaton Group Developments and COVID-19

As you’re no doubt aware, the current global pandemic is causing concerns across the globe with some countries employing a full lockdown, while others seek to introduce those measures imminently.

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Why UK Property is retaining its attractiveness to investors

There’s been some difficult news around the world in recent weeks, with financial markets across the world taking a substantial hit. Property remains more resilient due to the physical nature of the...

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Terms used in Property Investment

Property investment can be a tricky thing to get into for the first time; there are several acronyms and terms used that aren’t used in everyday speech. At the Heaton Group, we believe in full...

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Calculating Buy-to-Let Yield and Why it's Important

When you’re investing in a buy to let property, it’s essential that you have at the forefront of your considerations just how much you’ll get as a return by doing so.

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Manchester is changing

I saw quite a powerful image the other day titled “Cranechester” and it made me seriously think about the development currently happening in Manchester. There seems to be arguments from both sides,...

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Spotlight on Bolton's Development

A view of Bolton's continuing redevelopment in detail.

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