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Urban Green Build Update April 2022

By Maxine Mitchell

  April has been a great month at Urban Green with significant strides being made in upper and lower carpark areas, stair core, steel works and concreting. Upper level carpark complete The lower...

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Factors That Influence Property prices

As the property market returns to the previous levels seen before the global pandemic, we review some of the factors that have a significant bearing on what influences property prices.

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Investing in UK Property from Abroad

The Heaton Group works with a network of agents and investors across the globe. Investing with the Heaton Group from outside the UK is easy, but what does it entail?

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Diversifying your Investment Portfolio

At the Heaton Group, we have many investors who view property as their premium investment strategy, so why is this, and what benefits does it give to those who choose to go forward with it?

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Making an Overseas Property Investment

Investing in UK Property has been something overseas investors have done for some time now – but what does that look like? What is the process, and what should you look for in a Property Developer?

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A positive response to the Coronavirus

The world is dealing with the impact of social distancing and other measures brought in by governments across the globe – but what positives can we take forward for the future, what advantages can be...

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Landlord Licencing - a guide

Obtaining a license to be a landlord can be a tricky business; the aim is to improve renter's accommodation and deal with crimes and anti-social behaviour associated with low-quality property...

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The Property Market in 2020

As we approach the end of the year, we’ve now got a Conservative majority government in place and legislation is being passed through parliament that means Brexit looks like it’ll finally be done in...

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The General Election - What it means for Landlords and Investors

With the election happening tomorrow (how are we in the middle of December?) we’ve put together a short summary of what each party will be bringing to the table for Landlords and Investors and to go...

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Lifestyle in Preston

We've been working diligently behind the scenes for the past month or so collating information on Preston, one of the biggest development areas in the UK. As the council continue to invest and with...

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