6 Benefits of Using a Property Investment Group

So you’re ready to invest in property now you are faced with the choice of investing with an experienced development group or going it alone. It’s time to do your homework and weigh up the pros and cons and take those next important steps on your property investment journey.

Becoming a landlord in the UK can be a long and complex process if you don’t have the right connections or have a good understanding of the current economic climate.

A property investment group can help you bypass any legal issues that may arise, unseen costs that might crop up and nightmare tenancies that many first time landlords fear over everything else.

There are many property investment groups in the UK that offer their expertise to both new and experienced investors but what can they offer you that you couldn’t do on your own?

Competitively Priced Projects

An investment group will have years of experience and a database of contacts to refer to in the investment, construction and property market, meaning they are able to source a property or development opportunity at a very reasonable price. Once renovated and finished to a high standard, you can invest and get a seriously good deal.

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It is not uncommon for investment groups to have access to a number of off-market properties which they can purchase at 20-30% below market value. If you try to go it alone, this is just something you wouldn’t be able to do unless you were connected to the right people.

If you’re looking for long-term growth and to diversify your property portfolio, an investment group can offer you a selection of unique opportunities to invest in. From large scale developments to small studio apartments, being able to diversify helps to spread the risk of investing in the UK property market.

High Quality Developments

We’ve all heard the horror stories from those who have gone it alone and spent every last penny desperately trying to take a three bedroom semi detached property and transform it into a 4 bed buy to let HMO ( home of multiple occupancies). Sometimes, you’ve just got to admit it, you will find it very difficult and costly to renovate and develop a property yourself. Leave the hard work to the experts and invest in finished development that is ready to rent out immediately. This means you can start making a return on your investment far quicker than taking on your own renovation project.

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Some people think that getting onto the property ladder is easy once you’ve saved up enough money to secure a deposit, but once you’ve purchased the property, you need to have enough money in the bank for any unseen circumstances along the way. Renting out a property means that you must maintain it, to a high standard. If the boiler breaks down at 3 am, you will need to fix it as soon as possible, especially if you have tenants paying to live there. Property investment groups offer to manage your investment property on your behalf and simply require a maintenance fee. to cover any costs that may occur further down the line. This hassle free approach to investing is a good choice for first-time investors.

Overseas Investors

More and more overseas investors are snapping up their own little piece of the UK. International investors sometimes choose to invest in a property without ever actually stepping foot on UK soil. In this case being able to benefit from the experience and reputation of a well-known investment group is very important.

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Investment groups will often go out of their way to help overseas investors easily understand the whole process so that they feel as secure as possible in their decision to invest in the UK. This will include translating key information and statistics to provide the client with as much information as possible so that they can make the right investment choice for them.

 Lettings Agents

Once you have invested in a property, you will need to start thinking about renting it out. In the UK, you are now legally required to carry out Right to Rent checks on all tenants over the age of 18. You also might want to consider asking for a guarantor who owns their own property, in case the tenants fail to pay the rent. You will need to agree on a deposit to cover any damage or wear and tear and a personal recommendation might also be necessary to ensure that whoever is renting the property won’t cause any anti-social behaviour that you could be dragged into.

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A property investment group can take care of all of the above on your behalf and may also have their own in-house lettings agents. Often they will already have tenants in mind and waiting to move into the property once the development has been completed. Speeding up the tenancy process will be a huge benefit financially to you as an investor.

Experienced in the UK Property Market

Every day, news breaks about the UK property market. External factors such as the price of oil, political changes and the steady growth of the UK population will affect the price of property indirectly. Being able to analyse all of these key factors on your own can be a mammoth task in itself. An investment group will often have someone on their team dedicated to keeping an eye on the changing environment and, therefore, provide the group with the right information to make a good investment decision or purchase a property at the right time to ensure a great deal for their clients.

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