5 Steps to Successful Property Development

Property development is not an easy task but it can be extremely rewarding. Here at The Heaton Group, we can show you the road towards successful property development and so, here are a few quick tips to kickstart your portfolio.

Step 1: Develop Local Connections        

The Heaton Group is a family run business in Wigan and we have established strong local connections within our community.

We have a network of over 120 contractors including a highly experienced demolition team and a successful in-house lettings team. We also have strong relationships with a number of top tier lawyers and architects as well as an acquisition and planning team.

Our locally sourced connections, allows us to take development opportunities from start to finish in a matter of months.

Having strong contacts within the community and industry we work in, has allowed us to grow our business quickly and network with charities and organisations.

Step 2: Focus on Quality Developments

We pride ourselves in creating high quality, unique property investment opportunities for serious property investors.

We have established a network of key suppliers over the last 5 years for our own portfolio of properties. We utilise these connections to deliver on budget high quality living accommodation. This ensures a greater rental yield for our clients.

We understand that investors want to see optimal returns without spending a great deal of time on the minor details of property management.

Step 3: Maximise Sustainability

In recent years we have grown substantially, expanding our service, workforce and acquiring an impressive portfolio. Last year, we developed and delivered over 70 properties in and around the Greater Manchester area.

We are attracting overseas investors thanks to the high quality of our property investment opportunities. As we focus on quality fittings throughout the properties, we can guarantee our clients long-term sustainable investments, with minimal maintenance costs, which is very attractive to investors who prefer a hands-off approach to their investments.

In addition, we use green energy as much as we can, to ensure that our properties are better for the environment than others. Saving our investors money and looking after the environment around us.

Step 4: Give back to the community

As a business we believe in giving back to our community, which is why we take a hands-on approach to community projects by helping to provide new, vibrant accommodation to those who need a helping hand back into society.

heaton group helps homeless with the brick

So far we have successfully created homes for 72 people that would not have otherwise existed. The accommodation we provide is modern and of a high quality, which helps give a breath a new life into the community.

If you give something back, you will be rewarded in the long run whether this is through powerful connections or financially.

Step 5: Be Innovative

Our clients will benefit from our exclusive access to a number of off market properties. We acquire property at 20% to 30% below market value, which immediately adds to the capital growth of your investment.

We have over 250 property developments under our belt in Greater Manchester we are perfectly placed to only accept and pursue deals that will meet our return on investment criteria.

Smart heating systems allow us to monitor our tenant’s usage and provide bills included tenancy options. These types of offers are becoming increasingly popular with a number of our tenants as they can easily budget their finances.

The Heaton Group specialise in high quality sustainable innovative property investment opportunities. By leading the way in innovative projects, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. A successful property development company needs the 5 qualities above, in order to succeed in such a competitive industry.

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